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New Paper - Relaxation Dynamics of Tripod Liquid Crystals


J. Hobbs, M. Reynolds, M.K. Srinatha, G. Shanker, J. Mattsson, M. Nagaraj. The relaxation dynamics and dielectric properties of cyanobiphenyl based nematic tripod liquid crystals. Journal of Molecular Liquids 2023.

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Liquid crystal tripods combine properties of low molecular weight liquid crystals and liquid crystal polymers. There is significant interest in better understanding how materials show ion transport, how to control and enhance ion transport and how to decouple ion transport from structural relaxations. Liquid crystal tripods can be a testbed for such investigations. This study presents a detailed investigation of the phase behaviour, molecular relaxation dynamics, rheology, ion transport and dielectric properties of liquid crystal tripods. The tripods studied here show lower melting point and characterised by a wider nematic liquid crystal temperature range, making them suitable for room temperature applications.