Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

Bruker Ultra-shield-plus 400 MHz NMR

This is a vertical wide bore (89mm) triple resonance solid state spectrometer with magic angle spinning, 3D-imaging, diffusion and rheology probes.

We can carry out multi dimensional NMR experiments on a wide range of NMR active nuclei to determine chemical structure, inter nuclear distances, orientation, dynamics and morphology. The field gradients that the equipment has enable 3D imaging with resolutions down to 10 mm. We also have high powered field gradients with which it is possible to measure diffusion coefficients down to 10-12 m2s-1. The rheology probe can measure flow velocities in cone and plate and couette cell geometries to an accuracy of 0.1 mm/s.

You are warmly invited to make use of this equipment. We will supply support and guidance in carrying out the measurements and even in deciding which techniques will provide useful information for your systems. If more information is required about use of the NMR lab then please contact Dr Mike Ries for details.

Current research activities:

  • International funded PhD student, Ionic liquids as cellulose “green” solvents;
  • EPSRC seed money studying “Transforming Cellulose Processing” supported by Innovia Films (UK Company) and Centre de Mise en Forme des Materiaux (French Research Centre of Excellence);
  • Nuffield Funded Bursary for “New Approaches to Green Cellulose Processing Investigated by NMR”;
  • EPSRC funded application of high resolution MRI to tribological studies of articular cartilage;
  • WELMEC funded musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems studied using MRI;
  • Medical Research Council Fellowships to work on the computational modelling of normal and hypertrophic cardiac mechanics based on diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging.